10 Hot Tips to Help You Stay Cozy This Fall

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The temperatures are dropping, the colors are changing, and the sun is setting at a slightly more convenient time for us to watch on our drive home from work. That crisp morning air gives us separation anxiety from our beds and pajamas on work days, but that doesn’t mean all hope is lost in the pursuit of coziness this season. If you need inspiration to find and foster cozy, warm spaces around you this fall, you’re in luck. This might just be the coziest blog post you read all year!

#PursuitOfCoziness Tip 1: Light a Seasonal Candle

Nothing warms up a room like open flames and the smell of pumpkin spice! If your landlord says you can’t have one, I’d go with the classic dorm-room solution of a fake candle next to a car freshener, but you do you. The real thing is obviously 100000x better!

#PursuitOfCoziness Tip 2: Heat up Your Bed

In 2019, you can use electricity to heat your bed without the fear of being set on fire or doubling your carbon footprint! Heated mattress pads use even less energy than electric blankets, both of which may allow you to save energy by turning down your thermostat, but most importantly, keep you warm and cozy to the core.

#PursuitOfCoziness Tip 3: Identify Your "Live-In" Sweater

It’s just like it sounds; if you don’t already have that one sweater that comes to mind when someone makes a joke about living in cozy sweaters this fall, there’s a quick and (literally) comfortable solution to your problem. Search for that perfect crew or cowl-neck until you find the one that (almost literally) sets your soul on fire.

#PursuitOfCoziness Tip 4: Get that "Warm and Fuzzy" Feeling

You know that “warm and fuzzy” feeling your mom talks about way too much? These days, a great way to feel cozy from the inside out is by doing something that improves the lives of others or our planet! Set aside some time to catch up with friends you haven’t seen recently or go volunteer in your community.

#PursuitOfCoziness Tip 5: Take a Hot Shower

If you’re feeling chilled after a crisp fall evening out picking pumpkins or watching a football game, warm back up with a steamy shower. Use a fall-scented body wash to heighten your sensual experience and wrap yourself up in a towel on the way out!

#PursuitOfCoziness Tip 6: Cook Some Comfort Food

If you’re like me, you’ll probably just buy some food instead, but whether you like to cook, bake, or order delivery, a little comfort food goes a long way. Bonus points if you make extra to share with your significant other, roommates, and/or coworkers!

#PursuitOfCoziness Tip 7: Bring a Blanket to Work

Why are you always the only one who thinks it’s cold in the office?! Why does everyone else threaten to turn the thermostat down in January? The world may never know, but if you’re outnumbered in the office, you’ll want to throw your coziest blanket into a tote bag when you head to the office on cold winter days.

#PursuitOfCoziness Tip 8: Netflix & Warmth

Netflix & chill? No, thank you! Okay, okay, you can stop rolling your eyes now, but did you know that Netflix offers three hour-long episodes in the “Fireplace For Your Home” series to be the backdrop for your holiday events? You can choose from a crackling fire, a crackling fire with music, or a crackling fire with holiday music!

#PursuitOfCoziness Tip 9: Take In a Scarlet Sunset

The sun is setting earlier this time of year, which means that you don’t have to stay up late to catch a glimpse of beauty setting over the horizon. A quick Google search can let you know tonight’s exact sunset time in your area!

#PursuitOfCoziness Tip 10: Wear Fuzzy Socks... Everywhere

You can wear boots whenever you want in the winter without anyone batting an eye, so why not use good fashion to hide questionable fashion by wearing fuzzy socks underneath! I’ve found it to be the best way to combat the Sunday Scaries or stay warm on even the coldest game days at Lambeau Field.

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