6 Places to Wine & Dine in Three Lakes

Now, I promise you there is a lot more than great restaurants in the Three Lakes area, but I’ve been coming to this part of Wisconsin long enough to know that the folks who live Up North sure know how to cook! Whether you’re looking to take the boat out to breakfast or snowmobile into a supper club, these eateries in and around Three Lakes will make taking a break from cooking without breaking the bank (see what I did there?) a breeze all year long!

Sunset Grill in Three Lakes Wisconsin

Breakfast & Lunch

Sunset Grill (1036 Highway 32 South)

This place has to be the first I mention, because it is a family tradition to go here, and honestly, it is part of what makes Three Lakes still feel like home to me no matter how long I’ve been away. Open year-round, it is open for both breakfast and lunch and is one of the few restaurants I know that is readily accessible by car, boat, snowmobile, and airplane (it is right across the street from the Three Lakes municipal airport)! I recommend coming for breakfast, but making a second trip back for lunch – or even for some ice cream – is also highly encouraged! 

Chelsey’s pick: the Alaskan Waffle


Cindy’s Country Cafe (1672 Superior Street)

You can’t miss this adorable purple house while driving through the heart of Three Lakes. Proud to be family owned and operated, Cindy’s has all the charm of a classic American diner. Their food is great and their staff is both friendly and attentive. My only caveat with Cindy’s is that all the times I’ve been there the restaurant has been short-staffed, so I’ve sometimes had to wait over an hour for my food. Locals as well as visitors seem to love this place, though, so I encourage you to set aside at least one morning to stop by!

Chelsey’s pick: Classic French Toast 


Pike’s Pine Isle Lodge (1261 Pine Isle Road)

There is nothing better while Up North than to finish a long and fun day spent outside than with a boat trip over to a classic American pub. Pike’s Pine Isle Lodge sits along the shore of Medicine Lake and is easily accessible to anyone on the chain. Their classic menu gives you all the cozy Up North feels and is complete with Wisconsin’s unofficial restaurant requirements: an extensive beer list and Friday Fish Fry! As a vegetarian, I can neither confirm nor deny the quality of their fish fry, but I can attest to the quality of their pizza. In my opinion? It’s AMAZING.

Chelsey’s pick: Veggie Pizza


White Stag Inn (7141 State Road 17, Rhinelander)

This classic Wisconsin supper club is known for their steaks. Once again, what makes it a vegetarian’s favorite restaurant? All I can say is that this is only one of two restaurants (the other being Beans & Barley in Milwaukee) that I go to specifically for the salad! And I don’t mean to say that it’s something fancy; for some reason, their combo of iceberg lettuce and French dressing is an unprecedented discovery in my family… and maybe it’s the simplicity of the thing (and the amazing homemade French dressing) that does it. Two other dressings are included in their sampler though, so if French isn’t your thing, you still have options. And then I just order baked potatoes to my heart’s content for an entré. Maybe you’re not as easy to please as I am, but the White Stag Inn definitely has some great options, a full bar, and is strangely perfect for both a nice family dinner and a pit stop mid-trail ride.

Chelsey’s pick: Salad with French dressing & baked potatoes


Black Forest Pub and Grille (1765 Superior Street)

My visit to this restaurant a few weeks ago was actually my first ever! For being conveniently located right in downtown Three Lakes, I’m honestly surprised it took me so long to eat there. This German-inspired dinner restaurant is a fitting choice in a state once known for its large population of northern European immigrants and offers traditional German fare with both vegetarian and gluten-free options!

Chelsey’s pick: Portabella & Swiss

Three Lakes Winery Facility in Wisconsin


Three Lakes Winery (6971 Gogebic Street)

If you’re looking for the perfect raspberry wine for summer, pumpkin wine for Thanksgiving, or a classic Wisconsin cranberry wine during the holidays, look no further than this gem, located in downtown Three Lakes. Take a short (free) tour of the winery and sample up to six of their fruit-flavored wines. While you grab some to take home with you, be sure to wander the store for locally made desserts, crafts, and more memorable souvenirs!

Chelsey’s pick: Cranberry Wine

Three Lakes Winery Pinterest Pin

Have any other restaurant recommendations in and around Three Lakes? Leave your top picks in the comments below!

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