Terrace Views at UW – Madison

If you know anything about Madison, you know that it’s Wisconsin’s capital city and that it’s a major college town. Having grown up in the Greater Milwaukee Area, Madison was a place I visited only about once each year, and thus it retained a charm and excitement that made (and still makes) each trip there special. Usually, I would go with my dad, since UW is his alma mater. While my siblings and I were growing up, he did his part to make sure that we all became Badger fans; we’d always have great seats at Camp Randall and tour everything from his fraternity house to lecture halls when we came into town on game days. On a different occasion, I even was able to perform on the field with my high school’s marching band when our football team made it to State! Whether or not you cheer for the Badgers, the natural and architectural views in this city are hard to beat!

My recent visit was just a day trip, primarily to campus to visit my brother. I toured the Memorial Union as well as his dorm in Tripp Hall, and even managed to snag a free dinner thanks to a swipe of his student ID (thank goodness for meal plans and generous brothers!!) I captured a few photos of Lake Mendota from the Memorial Union Terrace and Lakeshore Path, shared below. If you look closely in the second picture, you can still see the residual high water levels from the flooding a few weeks ago!

What is your favorite part of the UW – Madison campus? Leave your favorite study spot or scenic outlook in the comments below!

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