5 Things a Milwaukeean can be Thankful For

I WAS BORN READY FOR THE HOLIDAYS. Once I’ve traded in my water skis for the downhill variety and identified which sweater in my closet will get the most wear this year, the only things left on my mind are my two favorite holidays – Thanksgiving and Christmas! I’ll discuss what about Milwaukee makes me jolly in a few weeks, but for now, here are five things a Milwaukeean is sure to be thankful for in 2018:

There’s no place like Hoan

Whether you’re driving home from General Mitchell or just frequent I-794, that iconic view as you’re approaching downtown is enhanced only by the golden gates leading into  it. Just imagine how much more radiant that scene will be once we #LightTheHoan!

Adding the 4-1-Forum to the 4-1-4

Fiserv might not be my biggest fan for saying it, but I’m still gonna go ahead and put it out there that Milwaukee’s new entertainment center might as well have been called the 4-1-Forum; given all the exciting sports and music events scheduled there since it’s opening in September, it has become a new place for Milwaukeeans to celebrate the city’s bright future!

Summer Fest-ivals

I like country music and my brother likes screamo, but we can both agree on one thing – Summerfest is the best place for music in Milwaukee! With over 1,000 performances each year, this 11-day lakeside music festival and its multicultural festival counterparts definitely reaffirm that ‘it’s always better by the lake.’

Fear the Deer

I’m pretty confident that it’s the deer who were fearing us this past weekend, but all north woods humor aside, the NBA has good reason to Fear the Deer this season. I still can’t get over the irony that the Bucks are the ones who’ve been doing most of the shooting so far this fall, though…

The Hunt for Blue October

If this wasn’t the ride of our lives, I don’t know what was. We put up a fight. We showed America what we’re capable of. And we’ll be back with a vengeance to support our Crew in 2019! (PS Who got a chance to ride the MCTS Yelich Line last week?!)

Honestly, there’s snow-where better to be than MKE! What else are you thankful for this year? Let me know in the comments below!

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