2 Ways to Brunch All Day in Madison, Wisconsin
Wisconsin State Capitol at Christmas

This past weekend, Tyler and I had the pleasure of exploring Madison with a few good friends of ours who live there. Within a 14-hour span, we “brunched” twice at two separate all-day breakfast restaurants! Both of them satisfied all my comfort food cravings and reminded me that brunch is good at any hour of the day. Looking to brunch your way through Wisconsin’s capital city? Here are my two recommendations:

If You Find Yourself Downtown...

This was our first of two brunch locations, and we actually ate here for a late dinner after the Badger game. Given its name, the Brunch Club is still brunch in my book, no matter what hour of the day you eat there (it’s always brunch o’clock somewhere)! With donuts covering the entire front page of the menu, it’s hard not to satisfy your sweet tooth or savory hankerings here. I admit that I ventured away from the breakfast section of the menu and ordered mac and cheese, but Tyler gave high praise to their breakfast burritos.

Spotted on the Upper East Side...

When the clock actually struck “brunch” on Sunday morning (circa 9AM), we headed to this cute East Side classic to eat away our post-holiday weekend sadness. My primary takeaway is that the vegetarian and vegan options here were impressive! Their menu does admittedly lack variety when it comes to pancakes, waffles, and French toast, but you’re still sure to find something amazing to try!

UW-Madison Memorial Union Terrace Pinterest Pin

One can only fit so much brunch into a single weekend, but we’d love to go back for more! What is your favorite place to brunch in Madison? Leave me some of your five-star favorites in the comments below!

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