Candy Cane Lane – Milwaukee’s Best Winter Drive

As a kid, my mom made it a tradition for us to venture down to this unique spectacle on Milwaukee’s southwest side each year. Block after block, houses were not only decorated for the holidays, but were lit up like Christmas trees, while many others had inflatable animals covering the entirety of the front lawn. Now that I live just a few blocks away from the renowned Candy Cane Lane, this impressive neighborhood collaboration serves as great inspiration for me to raise my Christmas decorations to a higher standard. If you find yourself in the Milwaukee/West Allis area this holiday season, you’re only a short drive away from this iconic display!

Started in 1984 by a group of neighbors, this event now spans multiple blocks and draws impressive crowds each year. While an amazing sight in and of itself, Candy Cane Lane was created with a greater purpose in mind – to help find a cure for a local child diagnosed with cancer. Donations collected from visitors during this month-long event help the MACC Fund (Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer) in their efforts to find a cure for childhood cancers. Over $121,000 was raised in 2017; if that isn’t spreading holiday cheer, I’m honestly not sure what is!

Candy Cane Lane started on November 23rd and will continue to run until December 26th. Santa Claus himself will be making appearances throughout the event! Directions can be found here. When you see wrapping paper on the trees, you’ll know you’ve arrived!

What community events take place in your area during the holidays? Share some festive traditions in the comments below!

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  1. So cool! I didn’t know this had been going on since 1984. I grew up around this area so it’s awesome to see the history!

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