3 Ways to Party in MKE on NYE When You’re a Morning Person

Milwaukee is BUMPIN’ with New Year’s celebrations this year (and every year)! And while I love the part of the holiday where you set new goals for yourself and feel like you’re getting a fresh start on life, New Year’s Eve actually falls near the bottom on my list of favorite holidays because it’s all about two things I have zero interest in – staying up until midnight and consuming obscene amounts of champagne.

Whether you share my ambivalence toward alcohol, work early the next morning, or something in-between, you better believe that there are still some fun ways to enjoy the new year in Milwaukee without staying up all night. I’ve assembled a list of three local events you’re going to want to add to your end of the year itinerary:

Photo by Garrett Black

1. The Harlem Globetrotters (1 PM game/show at the Fiserv Forum)

Think basketball is boring? Think again! This world renowned basketball stunt team turns slam dunks and alley-oops into jumps, flips, and an array of other tricks. You’ll be laughing as much as you’re cheering at this game, with comedic moves and plays that make any NFL ‘excessive celebration’ call feel unwarranted. Not to mention that if you haven’t gotten the chance to visit the new Fiserv Forum yet, this is your opportunity!

2. New Year’s Eve at the Mitchell Park Domes (6-9 PM indoor festival)

Sometimes, the best way to celebrate any winter holiday in Wisconsin is to escape to a warmer destination. When your budget can’t quite swing another trip to Florida, though, a visit to the Mitchell Park Conservatory (aka the Domes) is the next best thing. Their New Year’s Eve party includes a diverse line-up of musicians and entertainers, but honestly… a walk through the desert or tropical dome might be all you need to start your new year off in a vacation state of mind.

3. New Year’s Day brunch at The Pfister Hotel (10 AM – 2 PM brunch)

Alright, so this one isn’t technically on NYE, but when you opt to go to sleep before the ball drops in Times Square, you get to wake up feeling full of energy and ready to dive right into 2019! Continue the celebration with style and class at one of Milwaukee’s most notable hotels. Whether you’re hungover or just plain hungry, it’s highly likely that however optimistic you feel about 2019 before brunch will pale in comparison to how optimistic you feel afterward.

How do the rest of you morning people make the most of the New Year? I’d love to hear your favorite traditions, events, and activities in the comments below!

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