Group Hike: Girls Who Hike WI Event at the Emma Carlin Trails

I am always looking for new people to hike with, so I was excited to learn about another Wisconsin-based group for female hikers and attend one of their events! Girls Who Hike is an international organization with chapters across the nation, including one right here in Wisconsin. Girls Who Hike WI hosts group hiking events for Wisconsin women across the state, and I was able to attend their most recent hike at the Emma Carlin Trails in the Kettle Moraine – Southern Unit.

Entrance to the Emma Carlin Trails

With one of my good friends in the passenger seat, I headed out to the trails on a snowy Saturday morning with my favorite hiking boots (I’m too cool – i.e. cheap – to buy snowshoes) and the newest addition to my collection of outdoor gear: a pair of heater pants (insulated leggings) from SECO Sportswear. Our group consisted of about 15 women, one of whom I’d actually hiked with before at a different event! If I haven’t mentioned it previously, making connections with people through online communities is my favorite thing about social media.

It’s always good to explore new places with a hiking buddy!

While the temperature offered much-needed relief from the polar vortex of the previous week, the snow on the trails still presented a serious obstacle. Given the conditions, we opted to take the Brown Loop, which was approximately 2.7 miles. For those new to hiking, beware that even if you can handle 2.7 miles walking, hiking, or even running without a problem, snow this deep is still going to slow you down. While I was more refreshed than fatigued at the end of our hike, the loop felt surprisingly long given its length.

Looks like Wisconsin gained two feet of snow, since I can’t see either of mine!

Ultimately, I had an awesome time on my first group hike of 2019 (and first time spending any extended period of time outside since the polar vortex) and highly recommend joining the Girls Who Hike WI group on Facebook if you are interested in learning more about attending one of their upcoming hiking events.

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  1. Great article Chelsey!

  2. I am an ambassador for Ohio and write about my meetups/hikes with GWH as well. It’s awesome to see another outdoor blogger having fun with GWH.

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