3 Amazing Photo Backdrops at Devil’s Lake State Park
On North Beach at Devils Lake State Park in Sauk County Wisconsin

So I admit that I have yet to explore the entirety of Devil’s Lake State Park, but given that it is the largest state park in Wisconsin, I feel like I’m still qualified to offer some insight about its best photo-ops. My most recent visit was in January and came with an array of beautiful winter portraits. My friends from MKE Portraits and I captured great content at the following locations, but I encourage you to share other great photo-ops at Devil’s Lake below!

Photo by Julian V

Devil's Lake Photo-Op: North Shore Beach

Beach, please! I can assure you that this backdrop is stunning any day of the year. While we braved windy conditions and ice for these shots, all you need to amp up the heat in your photos is full sun in the forecast and a little editing!

Near the Train Tracks at Devils Lake State Park by Julian V
Photo by Julian V

Devil's Lake Photo-Op: Near the Train Tracks

Tread lightly here, as these tracks are still very much active! While you could get some awesome content on the tracks, you might catch some even better (and safer) shots next to the tracks if you are fortunate enough to see a train pass by like we did. I do not condone breaking the law, but I do condone good content creation. Be safe out there!

On the East Bluff Trail at Devils Lake State Park by Sergio Flores
Photo by Sergio Flores

Devil's Lake Photo-Op: East Bluff Trail

This trail is most notable for leading to Balanced Rock and Devil’s Doorway, but you are going to stop for portraits many times along the way! With so many outlooks, we were able to capture a bunch of different images. Make sure you set aside plenty of daylight to hike the entire length of the trail, though – we missed out on getting pictures at Devil’s Doorway because it got too dark.

Amazing Portrait Backdrops at Devils Lake State Park Pinterest Pin

Which of Wisconsin’s state parks and natural landmarks have you utilized successfully as a backdrop for portraits? If you’re visiting southeastern Wisconsin, you’ll want to check out these fun photo-ops in Racine!

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