5 Warm Ways to Embrace Cabin Fever
Teewinot Lodge at Grand Targhee Resort in Alta Wyoming

Living in Wisconsin, it’s easy to develop a love/hate relationship with winter and the cold. It’s also easy to make excuses and let your lethargy define the season. Doing so won’t make you feel any better or more fulfilled come season’s end, though. There is so much time to get things done during winter that we put off in warmer months! I use this “season of rest” to focus on some of my indoor pursuits, namely writing blog posts and working on my website. Whatever those are for you, now is the time to embrace a new kind of cabin fever! If you’re not sure how, these five warm ways to embrace cabin fever offer great starting points. You can also check out more tips for embracing the #PursuitOfCoziness!

Disclaimer: This post was created as part of my ongoing partnership with the apparel and lifestyle brand, Lake Effect Co. You can read more about their mission and movement here. Remember to use code WISCONSINISTA for 15% off any in-store or online purchase. As always, all words and opinions are my own.

If You Don't Want to Get Out of Bed... Start a WFH Side Hustle!

Cozy Bedroom in Point View Cabin at Merry-Dale Resort in Rhinelander Wisconsin

If you find yourself saying that you “just need to lay down” after every long work day or chore, it might be a worthwhile investment to find a fulfilling side-hustle you can actually do from your bed. I love that I can write blog posts, edit pictures, and update my website while wrapped up in a blanket!

Blogging is one of those awesome platforms that allows you to write about virtually any topic, so pick something you are passionate about. Writing about something you love is way easier to stick with than something you don’t. That is one of my biggest takeaways from my first year blogging. If blogging isn’t for you, explore the web for other work-from-home opportunities until you find something that inspires you! Freelance writing, social media management, and video editing are just a few ideas.

If You Struggle to Stay Active... Spruce Up Your House!

Cozy Fireplace in the Lobby of the Best Western Plus Concord Inn in Mincoqua Wisconsin

During the off-season, I don’t work out a ton. Finding motivation to pay for a gym membership or go for a run is harder when the roads and sidewalks are covered in ice. If you’re looking for casual ways to incorporate more activity into your winter lifestyle like me, it might pay to step away from the pilates DVD in your living room and work up a sweat in ways that make you forget you’re “exercising.” This is my favorite tip for staying active in winter!

I’m a clean-freak through and through, so I find that cleaning the house offers endless opportunities to do reps with the vacuum or heavy-lifting with furniture. If you think about each room in your house and the types of cleaning you could do in it, the possibilities are almost endless. Shuffle things around to get the dust bunnies out of hidden corners and stretch your triceps while touching up the paint on the walls. If cleaning is not really your thing, at least try to organize everything in your closet if you love clothes or your book shelf if the library has overflowed to stacks on the floor.

If You Think Winter is Boring... Embrace it as a Season of Rest!

Wearing the Cabin Fever Ball Cap from Lake Effect Co. at Governor Thompson State Park in Marinette County Wisconsin

If you feel bored in winter, I get you. Hikes just aren’t the same when there’s a windchill. We’ve likely all been told many times before to embrace winter activities (skiing/snowboarding, ice skating, etc.), but that likely won’t drastically change how you feel about the season. A new way to make the most of every winter day is to embrace it as a time to rest.

Getting sleep when you can, stretching sore muscles instead of doing intense workouts, and eating hearty comfort foods are just some of the ways you can focus on your well-being. I always joke that the month after water ski season ends is “Self-Care September,” because I schedule all of the hair, nail, and other appointments I’ve neglected over the summer. This mass scheduling of self-care appointments can also be done in winter. Maybe we could call it… Wellness Winter?

If You Just Want to Go Somewhere Warm... Find an Indoor Oasis!

Pool at the Illinois Beach Resort in Zion Illinois

If you have the time and money to book a tropical getaway, by all means, feel free! For those who aren’t in that position right now, finding other “warm” ways to embrace the colder months is essential to surviving Wisconsin winters. Yep, it’s time to turn up the heat! Yes, this will make your energy bill go up, but think about how much cheaper it is than a plane ticket! Sometimes, some artificial heat is all you need to take a Wisconsin staycation.

Other warm things to do in winter include getting a massage, sitting in a hot tub, or even visiting a sauna. You can also get your blood pumping at a local sports game or visit climate-controlled indoor gardens. In Milwaukee, the Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory (aka “The Domes”) has a tropical dome you’re sure to love!

If You Feel "Stuck" Inside... Join the #PursuitOfCoziness!

In the Point View Cabin at Merry-Dale Resort in Rhinelander Wisconsin

The #PursuitOfCoziness initiative is all about embracing a “cozy” mindset to reduce anxiety. Just because your small urban apartment or crowded house has you longing for an escape doesn’t mean you have to book a fancy cabin getaway. Depending on your budget, you can redecorate and reorganize to make your “dream home” come to you! These ten tips for creating a cozy space help keep me from going stir-crazy. I personally like to browse Poshmark for cozy home decor or visit cute local shops like Lake Effect Co.

I also scroll through cozy cabin pictures on Instagram when I’m feeling anxious, especially when I’m away from home and need a quick mental escape. To make finding cozy pictures easier than ever, I created #PursuitOfCoziness as an online space for people to share the places where they feel the coziest. You can join the community and help provide inspiration to others by using the hashtag in your pictures. Tag me (@thewisconsinista) in your post so I can give it a heart and support you!




Remember to use code WISCONSINISTA for 15% off your next purchase.

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