While I am still learning how to use analytics and cookies to enhance your experience on my website, I promise to be transparent with the information that I do knowingly collect from visitors.

Per Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Guidelines, the following information has been included below.

How do I receive compensation through my website?

  • While I have yet to receive financial compensation from my website, I aspire to monetize it through affiliate links as a part of the Amazon Affiliates program and by partnering with brands to create sponsored posts. Posts created in exchange for gifted products or hosted experiences are considered sponsored just like those with financial compensation.

How will you be notified about sponsored content on my website?

  • I will always disclose paid or incentivized partnerships featured on my website. To do so, I will include “(SPONSORED)” in the blog post title and include a disclaimer at or near the start of the post. If you are ever unsure about whether I was compensated or given free product to promote in a blog post, please contact me so that I can clarify the situation both to you directly and to all of my readers by editing the phrasing in the original post.

How will you be notified about affiliate links on my website?

  • I will always disclose the presence of affiliate links in a blog post or on a webpage with an “Affiliate Disclosure” notice at or near the top of the post/page.

This disclosure was last updated on February 13th, 2019.

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