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In appreciation of your support for this blog and your interest in my Badger State adventures, I have created the Quizconsin – a Wisconsin destination generator that allows you to ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ based on your travel and recreation interests. The Quizconsin is a free opportunity for you to find inspiration for your next journey across America’s Dairyland. Feel free to save this link and take the Quizconsin again when your answers (and travel plans) change!

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Where in Wisconsin would you like to explore?

1. Southern Wisconsin
2. Eastern Wisconsin
3. Northern Wisconsin
4. Western Wisconsin

What kind of landmarks would you like to visit on your excursion?

1. Natural Landmarks
2. Historical Landmarks
3. Architectural Landmarks

Who will be your passenger seat protégé for this trip?

1. No one – it’s a solo trip!
2. My BFF(s)
3. My significant other
4. A car full of kids (*backseat protégés)

All 3 questions completed!

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