5 Fun Wisconsin Spring Break Staycations

If you’re still in school (or have kids who are), you know that the small talk around this time of year starts to turn from what’s happening with the weather to where you’re going to escape from it come March or April. There’s always an obscene amount of people going to Florida, a big group of kids going to Mexico together, and even a few classmates touring colleges or graduate schools, depending on your age.

You might also be familiar, then, with the sudden, strange dread of being asked that big question when you’re plans are… well… aren’t. Maybe you or your family’s finances are limited this year, or maybe you can’t get off of work. Whatever the reason, a staycation in Wisconsin over Spring Break doesn’t have to suck. It is still a break, after all. Whether you have just a few free days or the entire week to kill, I’ve put together a few ideas to make this year’s staycation your best Spring Break yet!

Wisconsin Spring Break Staycation #1: Milwaukee

Exploring Downtown Milwaukee by Jessi Esselman

Whether it’s your hometown or just your home airport, MKE is one of America’s most iconic cities and is jam-packed with things see and do. Even if the Marquette Interchange is a part of your daily commute and you know that “Hale to the Zoo” is not a strange form of animal worshipping, you could probably surprise yourself while being a local tourist in Brew City.

Wisconsin Spring Break Staycation #2: Wisconsin Dells

Wilderness Resort in Wisconsin Dells Wisconsin

You’re probably familiar with the Waterpark Capital of the World, but did you know that this summer attraction is actually a year-round destination for people of all ages? Even though the Tommy Bartlett Show hasn’t started yet (learn more about water ski shows in Wisconsin), there is still a ton to do at the confluence of Wisconsin’s driftless region and northwoods in early spring!

Wisconsin Spring Break Staycation #3: Madison

Lake Mendota in Madison Wisconsin at Sunset

To say historic stuff happens here would be an understatement, and it’s a valuable experience for every Wisconsinite to visit their state’s capitol at least once. As the second-largest city in the country on an isthmus, there’s never a shortage of great views or outdoor activities here, including in early spring.

Wisconsin Spring Break Staycation #4: Green Bay

Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary in Green Bay Wisconsin

Milwaukee is a business city, Madison is a government city, Green Bay is a… football city? The namesake of Wisconsin’s legendary franchise has much more to offer than football, though a tour of Lambeau Field should always be at the top of any Green Bay travel itinerary. The city’s downtown is a hidden gem and the actual Green Bay bay is breathtaking!

Wisconsin Spring Break Staycation #5: Lake Geneva

Chippewa Resort in Williams Bay Wisconsin

It has been known as a resort town for Chicago residents since the 19th Century, and with good reason. Located less than two hours away from Chicago, Milwaukee, and Madison, Lake Geneva is home to the second-deepest lake in the state and is replete with both architectural wonders and natural places to explore. Only have a short time to explore? This itinerary will help you make the most of 12 hours in Lake Geneva.

Wisconsin Staycations Pinterest Pin

Have your own Wisconsin staycation to share? Add your favorite Spring Break getaway in the comments! There is plenty more where this came from; click to read more about the top travel destinations in Wisconsin.

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  1. I agree Wisconsin Dells is a great spring break idea with the kids. Great suggestion on Madison too we haven’t tried that yet. Thanks!

    1. chelseyknuth

      The Wisconsin Dells was one of my favorite places to visit as a kid, but I’m sure you will love Madison, too!

  2. Sage Scott

    When I hear (or read) Wisconsin, I can’t help but think FRIED CHEESE CURDS! Which Wisconsin staycation do you recommend for that? 🙂 Sage Scott, the Everyday Wanderer

    1. chelseyknuth

      Hey, Sage! Thankfully, that Wisconsin staple food is available throughout the state, but Milwaukee and Madison definitely have some great options for fried cheese curds!

  3. Jai

    Lake Geneva is my favorite. I’ve been a few times and its such a neat town. Definitely recommend this location if you’ve never been.

  4. We are going to try to make it up there next year! We had to reschedule our trip to WI this year because of work!

    1. chelseyknuth

      I hope it works out next year! 🙂

  5. Cheryl Eugenio

    Love all these recommendations. The only one we haven’t been to is Green Bay. Gotta change that!

    1. chelseyknuth

      I only recently explored Green Bay (beyond Lambeau) and it is such a hidden gem!

  6. Chrysa

    I have heard a lot about Lake Geneva recently. I have to visit!

  7. Lots of great stuff! We went on a summer vacation to Wisconsin last year and now I’m thinking with everything you’ve included here we need to make a return trip!

  8. JayDee

    Love your post! I was born in Wisconsin and most of my extended family lives there. Yet I have never been to the places you mentioned. I’ve wanted to take a road trip (from Minnesota) and visit these places. I appreciate that you included the details for places to eat, stay, and activities to do – clever (and helpful). Thanks for this road trip inspiration!

    1. Chelsey Knuth

      So glad you enjoyed it! I hope you find a chance to visit. It’s amazing how a place so close can still be hard to find time to get to; I haven’t been to Minnesota since I was in middle school!

  9. Autumn

    Wisconsin seems like such a wonderful place to visit! I’m defiantly adding it to my bucket list now!

    1. Chelsey Knuth

      Glad to hear it interests you! It’s definitely a bucket list destination.

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